How Much Sugar Do 'Subway' Breads Contain?

Subway sandwich shops are known as one of the most profitable franchisee businesses around. Profitable for sure for the company and their business partners but are they any good for their customers. One thing I know is that the salad vegetables that we see in the Subway shops in India do not look so fresh and healthy as they should. Price-wise, a 6-inch Veggie Delight Sub at Rs. 135 is not cheap either. But the price would not seem so steep if Subway sandwiches were actually a healthy fast-food. Subway, the company, declares detailed nutritional information on its website for USA and Canada markets. There is no such information on their India website. For example, in the US market, a 6-inch "Honey-Oat" bread (bread alone without any filling or condiments) contains 6 grams of sugar. In "Wheat Bread" the quantity of sugar is 5 grams. Since no official information as to the quantity of sugar in the breads used by Subway in India is available, we have to trust our taste buds only. To me, the Subway bread always tastes really sweet. My doubt is that the Subway breads used in India contain much more sugar than those sold in the U.S. and Canada. And yet, we are only talking about how much sugar in the bread alone. What about the other stuff that goes into your sandwich? Keep reading...

A fast food sandwich

How Much Sugar in Each Subway Sandwich

According to the information available on (link:, a 6-inch Veggie Delight Sub contains two tea spoons of sugar. This amount of sugar takes into account a "Wheat Bread' Sub. If a "Honey-Oat" Sub is ordered then the total amount of sugar in a 6-inch portion will be 2.75 tea spoons. A "Veggie Patty" Sub contains three tea spoons of sugar on "Wheat Bread" and 3.75 tea spoons on "Honey Oat". Of course these values include fillings and condiments in addition to the breads.

Is Subway Safe for Diabetics or Those Allergic To Sugar?

For those allergic to sugar, Subway breads are just not safe. For diabetics, from whatever I can read online, it is considered as "generally not safe". The sauces that we add on top of the veggies are the biggest offenders and a strict 'No' for diabetics. Many diabetic meal plans exclude all breads too. So that leaves the option of only Subway salads. By adding Rs. 65 to the price of any 6-inch Sub, we can turn it in to a salad. But hey, that will be Rs. 200 for just a salad.

And I also wonder why I do not see any "Sugar-Free" bread on the Subway menu. The reason appears to be simple. A fast food chain would never like to attract the attention of the customers towards the health aspect of their products. If they sell a "Sugar-Free" bread, then the customers may begin to wonder why there is a need for a "Sugar-Free" bread? How much sugar would there be in the regular breads? Such questions can be really bad for fast food business.

Is Subway "Veggie Patty" Really Vegetarian?

For your information, the official list of ingredients of Subway lists "Egg Whites" as one of the ingredients in "Veggie Patty". Yes my dear friends, at least the "Veggie Patty" Sub sold outside India is not a vegetarian meal. I do not know what they do in India. Particularly in the absence of any official nutritional information on the Subway products sold in India, everything is suspect.