How to get Justice from Banking Ombudsman in India

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2. Lodging a complaint with Banking Ombudsman
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7. Taking Banking Ombudsman To A Consumer Forum

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I worked for more than two years in an Office of Banking Ombudsman in India out of my total 20 years in Reserve Bank of India. Based on my experience of how customer complaints are handled in Banking Ombudsman offices, I feel compelled to reveal certain facts to my countrymen. I know that, ideally speaking, all that an aggrieved customer of a bank is supposed to do is send in a formal complaint to the concerned office of Banking Ombudsman and expect a satisfactory resolution of his or her complaint within a reasonable period of time, right? But do we live in an ideal world, we don't. The world of Banking Ombudsman in India is really far from ideal. In this page you will find the links to seven of my articles that will help bank customers in India successfully lodge a complaint of 'deficiency in banking service' with an office of Banking Ombudsman and get a satisfactory resolution to the same. I would particularly request you read the link number 5 above so that you can learn how your right to appeal against a decision of a Banking Ombudsman is being illegally taken away from you.

You will need to know all of the above and a lot more in order to get justice in response to your complaint. In these pages you will find much of the information that you need to fight on your own. In the meantime, I am here to help. All you need to do is to write a comment in the comment form below any of these articles. I try to reply to all comments within 24 hours. I wish you good luck in your fight for justice.